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Meet the Woman Who Showed President Biden ChatGPT—and Helped Set the Course for AI



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Arati Prabhakar Demonstrates AI’s Potential to President Biden, Influences Major Executive Order

March 2023, Washington D.C. – In a pivotal moment at the Oval Office, Arati Prabhakar, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, presented a compelling demonstration of artificial intelligence to President Joe Biden, showcasing the technology’s vast capabilities and its urgent need for regulation.

Groundbreaking Demonstration Leads to Executive Action

Arati Prabhakar, who holds the significant dual role as the President’s chief science and technology adviser, utilized a laptop to exhibit the functionalities of AI, exemplified by ChatGPT. This demonstration was a critical factor that led to President Biden issuing a comprehensive executive order six months later, aimed at setting a regulatory framework for AI. The order focuses on enhancing safety standards, fostering innovation, and integrating AI across government and educational sectors, while also addressing potential job displacement.

The Urgency of AI Regulation

The motivation behind this move was the global impact of ChatGPT, which highlighted the immediate need for the United States to accelerate its regulatory and policy framework surrounding AI technologies. The potential for both remarkable benefits and significant risks, such as the spread of disinformation and other existential threats, underscored the necessity for informed governmental action.

Who is Arati Prabhakar?

Born in India and raised in Texas, Prabhakar is a distinguished figure with a PhD in applied physics from Caltech. Her extensive resume includes leadership roles at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency. She also brings valuable experience from Silicon Valley, where she spent 15 years as a venture capitalist and held positions such as president of Paul Allen’s tech incubator, Interval Research.

A New Direction Under Prabhakar’s Leadership

Prabhakar assumed her role in October 2022, succeeding biologist Eric Lander. She is noted for being the first woman and first person of color to lead the OSTP. Her appointment came at a crucial time when AI began to dominate global tech agendas, positioning her at the forefront of U.S. science and technology policy shaping.

Exclusive Insights from the Silicon Valley Meeting

In a more personal setting at her Silicon Valley condo, Prabhakar discussed various topics with journalist Steven Levy. Conversations ranged from the influence of Bruce Springsteen on Biden’s first AI demo to her aspirations for a semiconductor resurgence in the U.S. She also touched upon the unique approach of Biden’s administration towards combating cancer compared to previous presidencies.

Looking Forward

As the U.S. navigates the complex landscape of AI and its implications, Prabhakar’s expertise and leadership are expected to play a pivotal role in guiding the country’s policies and innovations in this critical field. Her strategic position underscores the administration’s recognition of science and technology as essential tools for addressing major national and global challenges.

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EU says must comply with strict tech rules, investigates X



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EU Designates as Gatekeeper, Investigates X Under Digital Markets Act

PARIS, May 13 (Reuters) – The European Commission has officially designated the hotel reservation platform as a “gatekeeper,” placing it under stringent EU obligations as per the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Concurrently, the Commission has launched a market investigation into the social media network X to assess its gatekeeper status, while confirming that X Ads and TikTok Ads do not qualify as gatekeepers.

In a statement released on Monday, the Commission highlighted that meets the criteria set under the DMA, which the company itself concurred with. The designation mandates to submit a comprehensive compliance report within six months. However, certain DMA rules, including the obligation to notify the Commission of any significant mergers or acquisitions in the digital sector, are effective immediately.

The scrutiny extends to X, formerly known as Twitter, which is opposing its designation as a gatekeeper. The Commission’s ongoing investigation aims to address and evaluate X’s rebuttal comprehensively.

Additionally, ByteDance, identified as a gatekeeper in July of the previous year, has contested this classification at Europe’s second-highest court. The DMA, recognized as one of the toughest regulatory frameworks, aims to curb the market dominance of tech giants by enforcing stricter content moderation, promoting fair competition, and enhancing consumer flexibility in switching between services.

Under DMA, entities with over 45 million monthly active users and a market capitalisation exceeding 75 billion euros are identified as gatekeepers, necessitating adherence to a core platform service for business users.

For non-compliant gatekeepers, the European Commission can impose fines up to 10% of the company’s total global turnover, which can escalate to 20% for repeated violations. Restrictions on acquisition activities are also a potential punitive measure.

In related developments, tech majors such as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft were previously designated as gatekeepers. Starting March 7, these companies are required to ensure their messaging apps are interoperable with competitors, offer users a choice in pre-installed apps, and eliminate biases favoring their own services.

The European Commission’s ongoing efforts underscore its commitment to ensuring a fair and competitive digital market landscape. For more insights and updates, subscribe to the Technology Roundup newsletter.

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Review: Twelve South BookArc Flex – A Stylish Yet Questionable Laptop Stand



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In the realm of desk setups, the introduction of Apple’s M3-powered 15-inch MacBook Air, supporting two external monitors with a closed lid, has compelled many, including myself, to reconsider their workspace arrangement. This change nudged me towards exploring vertical laptop stands, a category where aesthetics often overshadow functionality. Among the options available, the Twelve South BookArc Flex caught my attention, promising not only a minimalist design suitable for any desk but compatibility with a range of MacBook models.

First Impressions

Twelve South has a reputable track record, with several### Review: Twelve South BookArc Flex – Stylish Yet Questionable Functionality

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, the introduction of Apple’s M3-powered 15-inch MacBook Air has shifted some users towards reconsidering their workstation setups, especially with its dual external monitor support that necessitates the laptop lid remain closed. This change has brought vertical laptop stands into the spotlight, a niche that Twelve South aims to fill with its BookArc Flex. But does it deliver on both aesthetics and functionality?

Design and Compatibility
The Twelve South BookArc Flex boasts a minimalistic design that promises not to only enhance workspace aesthetics but also to accommodate a wide range of MacBook models. Known for its commitment to quality and innovative solutions, Twelve South has positioned the BookArc Flex as a premium accessory that aligns well with the sleek Apple products it supports.

Build Quality and Features
Featuring a sturdy metal arc on each side and a flexible rubber cradle, the BookArc Flex uses an interesting mechanism where the weight of the MacBook locks the arcs against the laptop’s lid and base. This design choice is intended to secure the laptop while purportedly improving airflow around it, which Twelve South claims helps in heat dissipation and protects against accidental spills by elevating the device.

Performance Evaluation
While Twelve South products generally come highly recommended, with several featuring in top buying guides for their performance and design, the BookArc Flex presents a mixed bag. The stand indeed succeeds in its elegant design, fitting seamlessly into a modern desk setup. However, the core functionality – securely holding the laptop – appears compromised. The reliance on the laptop’s weight for stability might not suit all users, especially those who frequently adjust their setups or use their laptops in different environments.

Conclusion: A Cautious Recommendation
The Twelve South BookArc Flex is undoubtedly a winner in terms of design, aligning with the aesthetic values many MacBook users cherish. However, potential buyers should proceed with caution. The stand’s unique locking mechanism, while innovative, may not offer the stability and reliability expected from a premium laptop stand. Before making a purchase, consider how often you’ll need to move or adjust your laptop, as this stand might best suit a “set and forget” type of setup.

In essence, while the Twelve South BookArc Flex excels visually, its practical application leaves room for improvement. For those prioritizing style over function, it might fit the bill, but for users seeking robust support and versatility, exploring other options could be advisable.

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Strong financials, steady growth will help Digit’s public listing sail through: Kamesh Goyal



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Digit’s Public Listing Set to Prosper on the Back of Robust Financials and Consistent Growth, Says Kamesh Goyal


In a recent statement, Kamesh Goyal, the visionary behind Digit Insurance, expressed confidence that the company’s strong financial performance and steady growth trajectory will ensure a successful public listing. As the insurance sector continues to expand, Digit’s strategic financial management and market positioning are poised to attract significant investor interest.

**Key Insights from Kamesh Goyal### Digit Insurance Set for Successful IPO, Backed by Robust Financials and Consistent Growth, Says Kamesh Goyal


In a recent statement, Kamesh Goyal, the founder of Digit Insurance, expressed confidence in the success of the company’s upcoming public listing. Citing strong financial performance and steady growth, Goyal believes these factors will ensure a smooth initial public offering (IPO) process for the innovative insurance firm.

Key Insights into Digit’s Financial Health and Growth Trajectory

Digit Insurance, known for its customer-centric approach and technological innovation in the insurance sector, has demonstrated impressive financial results and consistent growth. This robust financial footing is expected to be a significant advantage as the company prepares to go public.

Goyal’s Confidence in IPO Success

Kamesh Goyal, who has extensive experience in the insurance industry, highlighted several aspects of Digit’s operations that contribute to his optimistic outlook for the IPO:

  • Strong Financial Performance: Digit has maintained a solid balance sheet with impressive revenue figures and profitability metrics.
  • Consistent Growth: The company has shown a consistent upward trajectory in customer acquisition and market penetration.
  • Innovative Business Model: Digit’s adoption of technology in streamlining processes and enhancing customer service is seen as a key differentiator in the competitive market.

Market Expectations and Investor Interest

The financial community and potential investors are keenly watching Digit’s move towards a public listing. Analysts predict that the combination of Digit’s innovative business model, along with its strong financials, will attract significant investor interest during the IPO.


As Digit Insurance moves closer to its IPO, the confidence expressed by Kamesh Goyal is a positive signal to the market. With a foundation of strong financial health and steady growth, Digit is well-positioned to make a successful transition to a publicly listed company, potentially setting new benchmarks in the insurance industry.

For more detailed information, you can read the full article on Economic Times.

Stay Updated

For ongoing updates and more information regarding Digit Insurance’s IPO and other related news, stay tuned to our dedicated section on financial markets and investment opportunities.

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