MTA Bus Time and Schedule

MTA – Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a transport service in New York City that interfaces for Real Time Information. This metro bus service was initially tested in 2010 and launched in 2011. The MTA bus time and schedule were put into all MTA bus routes in 2014.

The MTA bus software comprises Global Positioning System technology to provide real-time location information to people through smartphones requiring internet, countdown clocks, or SMS text messages. 

MTA bus is also known as “NYCTA” New York City Transit Authority. It is one of the public transport provider organizations operating bus routes since 1953. A single bus consists of about 209 routes in NewYork, New Jersey. 

So there are almost 10631 bus stops. The MTA bus covers the specified area from the Craig Av/Amboy Rd stop to the Hillside Ave/267 St stop. Next, from Riverdale Ab/W 263 St stop to the Hyland BI/Connecticut St stop.

How to get MTA Bus Updates?

If you want to know about MTA buses, such as service alerts, visit the “Moovit” website for all information. You can understand bus delays, changes of stops, changes of bus routes, any service alterations, and all relative info about the bus status.

Some Facts About MTA Bus:

You can find linked bus routes working across New York – New Jersey. It includes Bellerose, Bronx, Mount Vernon, Queens, Staten Island, South Valley Stream, Manhattan, Floral Park, and Brooklyn. The longest line of MTA Bus is – S78. 

It begins from St George Ferry/St George Ferry (Staten Island). This route will end at Bricktown Shopping Centre (Staten Island). Besides, it covers up to 30 km and comprises 116 stops. 

The brief and short line is M66. It starts from E 68 St/3 Ab (Manhattan) and ends at East 68 St/York Ave (Manhattan). It can cover 1 km, including four stops. According to the insights of the official website Moovit, the famous lines of MTA Bus include B13, B62, B35, B68, and B8.

MTA Bus – Fare Information:

Prices and costs of tickets for MTA buses can vary, but they can involve various factors. For this purpose and to know more about current bus fares and for any changes, get help from the Moovit website and online app. 

How to contact MTA Bus:

If you need help from the headquarters office, you can contact the center at 2 Broadway, New York City 10004, US. 

MTA Bus schedule:

If you are searching for any MTA Bus schedule, you should land on the Moovit official website. Besides you can also find it on the mobile app that gives you the right and reliable directions for routes. You can also get a step-by-step navigation guide. 

The MTA Bus Time comprises wireless communications technology and GPS hardware to track the location of passengers. You can know with internet sources when the next bus will arrive at your location. 

MTA buses make New York City travel relatively easy. It becomes better with the Best NYC Bus Time App. 

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