Tienda Mexicana Restaurant in San Diego

The Tienda Mexicana restaurant serves authentic Mexican food with colorful tablecloths and a dine-in area. The menu is a one-page, one-sided piece of paper, so there’s no need to pore over it. The food is fresh and the service is friendly.

Taco Tienda Mexicana

Tacos are casual Mexican bites that can be prepared in a small space inside a market. Traditionally, tacos are made from beef, pork, and vegetables. At Taco Tienda Mexicana, tacos are made with fresh ingredients and are cooked quickly on the spot.

The restaurant is located inside a Mexican grocery store in the 13 1/2 Mile strip mall. It serves authentic Mexican food at reasonable prices. The menu includes burritos, tacos, tamales, and more. During the week, the small space is usually packed. Chicken enchiladas and other Mexican staples are available. This spot is known for its friendly staff and delicious Mexican food.

In the beginning, the business was relatively new, and it had some difficulty finding distributors and low prices. The store also wanted to meet the needs of the local Hispanic community, and so it decided to offer a range of cheaper items. It has since expanded to offer a number of different items.


Tacos are a casual Mexican bite, prepared in a tiny market space. They are the perfect way to sample a variety of authentic Mexican ingredients. The freshest ingredients are used to make each taco. The tacos are served on a large tortilla, with a small bowl of refried beans on the side.

If you’re looking for a quick bite, try tacos at tienda Mexicana in Madison Heights. You’ll find six delicious tacos on the menu. The location is in a market space, but it is now also a restaurant. It’s possible to order online or use the Uber Eats app. Once you’ve selected your tacos and placed them in your cart, you can review them and track them.

The tortillas here are homemade and can be topped with anything from green or red sauce to lettuce and cheese. You can order them as singles or in 3-taco-sized portions. You can also order them with extra lettuce and avocado, or you can try the Yucatan-style slow-roasted pork, achiote, or both.

If you want to get a bit more adventurous, you can try the rib-eye steak that is grilled, with rice and beans, pico de gallo, and guacamole salad. Other dishes you can try include shredded chicken or beef topped with cheese, lettuce, and a side of sour cream.


If you’re looking for a great snack or an easy dinner, quesadillas are an excellent choice. They’re made with shredded cheese and flour tortillas. Served with guacamole salsa, they’re great for kids and are also a delicious way to get your fill of Mexican cheese. You can even make your own cheese quesadillas at home.

The basic method is to fold the tortillas in half, add some cheese and cook them for 15 minutes. You can cook them on the grill or on a sheet pan lined with parchment. Be sure to flip them halfway through cooking. To serve, you can top them with a side of salsa, sour cream, or pico de gallo.

To make your own quesadillas, you can use pre-shredded cheese or freshly grated cheese. Freshly grated cheese melts better than pre-shredded cheese and gives a firmer quesadilla. You can also use Oaxaca cheese if you like. Make sure that your skillet is large enough to hold the quesadilla, since it should fit two tortillas side by side.


Tortas are a Mexican staple that can be eaten on the street or taken home for a snack. These tasty sandwiches are packed with flavor and are a great alternative to fast food. The tortas are very similar to sandwiches we’re used to in the U.S., but with a Mexican twist.

The first step to preparing a torta is to prepare the tortillas. This can be done with a sandwich maker or panini press. You can even use a George Foreman grill to make a torta at home. Tortas should be served hot, but you can also use cold meats, vegetables, or other toppings.

Tortas are available in several varieties, ranging from simple to complex. They are best prepared with thin slices of meat so they absorb the flavor. Popular take-out options include torta de Milanesa, which is thin-sliced breaded meat. However, if you prefer your tortas dry, you can opt for a more traditional sandwich.

Tortas can include a variety of toppings, including sliced avocado or guacamole. Most tortas also feature a layer of fresh salad. Typical toppings include a lettuce leaf, diced tomatoes, and shredded cabbage. Tortas are also served with sour cream or salsa.


If you’re craving a real Mexican tamale, try one at a local Mexican tienda. These savory steamed cakes are made from chicken thigh meat wrapped in real corn husks. These tasty treats are a staple lunch for many local residents. Unlike traditional tamales, which can be purchased from grocery stores, these tamales are freshly made right in front of you. Their distinctive red, white, and blue packaging makes them easy to recognize. They are owned and operated by locals.

If you’re looking for a delicious tamale, consider the prices at different tiendas. Tamale stands sell them for around $3 each, and you can usually find a variety of tamales at different prices. A typical tamal costs around $3, but if you’re willing to pay a little more, you can get some with roasted chicken, green and red mole, and a generous portion of cheese.

You can also find tamales at a Mexican grocery store if you know where to look. Most stores sell tamales, and some also have taquerias and bakeries. You’ll be able to find tortillas and other cheap snacks at these establishments. You can also buy masa at these locations, which is corn flour. You can find masa in two different grinds: coarse and fine. Masa is essential for tamales, so be sure to get some fresh masa at a Mexican tienda. Fresh masa is generally around $1.50 per pound, so it is better to call ahead and reserve a pound.


Guacamole is served as a side dish or a dip with tortilla chips, spread on bread, or eaten as a salad. It is a staple in Mexican cooking and is also enjoyed in American cuisine. It is easy to make and has many health benefits.

You can make guacamole at home or buy it in a Mexican tienda. It’s best to purchase freshly packed guacamole, as it will retain its freshness much longer than a canned version. It’s also possible to purchase vacuum-sealed guacamole at supermarkets, but keep in mind that it is more processed.

Prepare Guacamole: Avocados should be mashed using a pestle or fork. You can also chop onion, cilantro, or tomatoes. Add salt and lime, if desired. Once the mixture is smooth, it is ready to serve with tortilla chips or bread.

Guacamole was originally called aguacate but soon developed into avogato. In the 1500s, it was thought that this new food would be a hit in Spain. However, avocados did not grow naturally in Spain, so people adapted to using substitutes. During the 20th century, avocados were rare in the United States, as Mexico’s avocados were banned from imports.


One of the most delicious things that you can get in a Mexican tienda are chips. This delicious snack is a great complement to sandwiches. In Mexico, there’s no lunch or dinner that is complete without chips! If you’re looking for a quick snack, chips are the perfect choice!

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