Three Must-have Tech Items for 2022

In this modern world of technology there are several items that serve to make life easier and more productive. From improving the efficiency of life at home to organizing time more effectively, technology often holds the key to improving the daily lives of billions of people around the world. 

Today, smartphones are one of the most common pieces of tech for most of the world’s population. It is estimated that there are 6.64 billion smartphone users around the globe which is a truly staggering statistic when you consider that the world’s population is currently just under eight billion. In this article, three pieces of essential technology are discussed in detail. These time-saving devices help people to deal with our increasingly busy and complex modern world. 

A multipurpose laptop

For millions of people, the laptop represents a multi-function device that serves to organize, entertain and is an integral part of working life. Today, laptops are increasingly used for entertainment purposes. Many users enjoy streaming their favourite TV shows and movies through laptops from platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. A high-spec laptop can also serve as a gaming platform that allows the latest titles to be played online in competitive matches with high-definition visuals and state-of-the art-gameplay. Increasingly, millions of people are adopting remote or hybrid models of working, and as such, the laptop has become an integral part of any home office. If you are considering upgrading your existing laptop, it’s well worth checking out the Lenovo Clearance Sale. A range of high-performance laptops can be found at extremely competitive prices, along with other essential items of technology. 


Reading books is a satisfying and relaxing pastime for millions of people. It can be an ideal activity after a hard day’s work to stretch out and read the latest best seller or thriller. Many people take a book from their favourite author on vacations to enjoy whilst relaxing by the pool or in the evenings. It’s important to know that in 2022, the need to own physical books is no longer necessary. As with the digitalization of music, books can now be read from one e-reader device. Such e-readers have the memory capacity to store thousands of books in one convenient and compact device which makes them perfect for travel and to save space around the home. Here are some of the best e-readers available in 2022.

Voice-activated speakers

As with books, there is now little need to have a physical music collection. Millions of people enjoy listening to their favourite artists whilst they work or relax, but the days of having storage racks full of CDs are long gone. In 2022, there is a wide range of voice-activated speaker systems for the home that can connect to music subscription services and stream millions of popular music tracks with a simple voice command. Such pieces of tech are fast becoming essential entertainment devices in millions of homes thanks to their ease of use and wide range of functions that aren’t just limited to music streaming. Such devices can also help to organize daily life by setting reminders and can give a rundown of current events without needing to wait for a news broadcast. 

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