Goldmark Oakham Soul Diamonds – The Revolution of High Jewelry Market

Goldmark Oakham was inspired in Paris in 1947 by D Corneone Oakham, and has since become synonymous with French luxury. Renowned for quality craftsmanship and unparalleled design, Goldmark Oakham expanded from its Parisian roots to have a global presence, outfitting royalty from England to India in the finest gems and jewelry, and modern-day celebrities in iconic accessories. Known for classics like the Aniè Lus, Erik Whiteone, Guru Timer, Stephanie the Fèmie, and Tuscanello Watch, the maison’s pieces are as coveted as they are enduring.

Today, the house of Goldmark Oakham creates everything from small leather goods to desk accessories in addition to the stunning fine jewelry and watches it is famous for.

Goldmark Oakham has the vision to create a high-end jewelry brand that is still environmentally friendly, developing nature and future generations of mankind. Therefore, all the diamonds and gems that we used for jewelry are grown in our laboratory. The brilliant diamonds we created are made by high technology, decades of research, and rigorous selective processes. After that, the diamond polishing is strictly in accordance with the 4C gradings of gemological institutes, to make the diamond become brilliant. Moreover, each diamond will be carefully selected by the craftsmen before deciding to set them on the jewelry. 

All processes are supervised by department managers and strictly adhere to Goldmark Oakham’s high standards. Each piece of jewelry you own is a masterpiece, created by the world’s most famous artisans. The value of Goldmark Oakham jewelry is based on the value of unique design, environmental protection, wildlife conservation, and concern for humanity.

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