Before when cannabidiol (CBD) was an established source of natural medicine, lots of people considered honey one of the most valuable gift that Mother Earth had offered us. cbd honey sticks gold bee The health benefits of honey range from healing wounds to relieving burns to giving us energy.

It is an Antibacterial as well as antiseptic substance has been used for centuries as a non-toxic cure for many different ailments and pains. Recently, many have developed the concept that mixing honey made from organic sources and CBD to supply consumers with the advantages of both compounds.

Although you can buy CBD honey through a variety of methods, one of the most sought-after methods would be via honey sticks. In a small straw-like container offer a substantial high dose of honey and CBD. They’re simple to use, perfect for taking on the go, and are extremely discrete.

In this post, we’ll examine the top CBD honey sticks available in the market, from Gold Bee to CBD American Shaman. We’ll also provide more detail on CBD honey stick and ways to make use of them to improve your health.


CBD honey sticks essentially tubes of honey infused with CBD extract. Instead of using the term honey stick, some prefer to refer to it as a “honey straw.” CBD honey sticks function similarly as straws in the sense that you need to squeeze the contents from the other end.

The size and convenience make honey sticks practical, making them ideal for those who need CBD relief. But, it could be more challenging and less discreet as CBD oil or vaping CBD.

These are great for those who prefer sweet taste when they consume their dosage of CBD. However, tinctures do be a bit earthy in taste that could turn newcomers off CBD. Certain edibles such as CBD honey sticks can be a good way to fight the unpleasant taste.


  • One of the biggest flavors we have we have
  • You can purchase it as an assortment alongside others Diamond CBD products
  • Honey sticks are available from different CBD brands.


  • More expensive over other brand (on an individual basis)

Diamond CBD without a doubt provides the broadest selection of CBD honey products. This includes CBD-infused honeypots as well as CBD-infused honey sticks that come in various flavors like apple or orange, cbd honey sticks gold bee banana and the sour blue raspberry.

Diamond CBD stands out as the most innovative in it’s CBD honey-infused honeystick flavors. However, they also offer them at a an affordable price. It is possible to purchase its 100 packs of 1,000mg CBD-infused honey sticks for just $300 (on sale for $150 as of the date of writing). However, if you’re looking to get to get even more value then you can buy one of these bundles like one called the CBD Honey Family Bundle, that includes CBD honey sticks as well as the CBD honey pot as well as the CBD honey tincture at $179.97 (on sale at $98.98 in the moment of writing). If you purchase online for Diamond CBD’s Honey sticks, you’ll receive the lowest price using the bigger coupon offer. cbd honey sticks gold bee

Diamond CBD is quite impressive in the field of honey products that are CBD-infused and is setting the standard for other companies in the market. If you’d like to know more details about this product, get more information on Diamond CBD’s page on honey products.

In addition, they give you all the benefits honey has to offer as well.


  • Two ingredients are all it takes two ingredients: pure CBD extract as well as organic honey
  • A subscription service that can assist you in saving money


  • No analysis certificate is available on website

Gold Bee hasn’t developed as well as the other brands we’ve reviewed. But, it’s one of the top quality CBD honey sticks available in the market. If you’re in search of CBD-rich food that is 100% natural then look no further than Gold Bee. Every single honey stick is created using just two ingredients Pure CBD extract and honey that is organic.

The only drawback to Gold Bee is we were unsuccessful in finding a certified certificate of analysis on the website. If you’re interested in the product and would like to see the lab results, we strongly suggest that you contact them.


  • Premium honey sticks made of natural ingredients
  • It is available with and with or without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)


  • There are currently no reviews for this product are available on CBD American Shaman’s site

American Shaman offers a collection of 100 CBD honey sticks that offer some savings per stick of $219.00. American Shaman partners with Cooper’s Honey to harvest raw honey, while also growing hemp with terpenes that are organically grown. The CBD honey sticks are described by consumers as tasty If you don’t like American Shaman’s products, they offer the option of a 30 day return policy.


  • You can purchase them in 4 distinct flavors
  • Pack of 100 to those who like this product
  • Many positive reviews are available on the website of Just CBD.


  • Colors and flavors are artificial.

Just CBD makes it onto our list due to the reviews, price as well as the taste and sweetness of the honey. It is among the largest brands available that are available. They’re CBD honey sticks are available in packs of 100. They contain 10mg of cannabidiol within each stick. They are compact, small and convenient to transport around.

As per the information they are intended to help relax in the form of pain relief and provide the user with a tasty taste to satisfy their sweet taste.

The cost for 100 stick is $99.99 that could turn some customers off. As 10mg is an incredibly small amount of CBD people may be unsure whether honey sticks can benefit them. It’s good to know the fact that Just CBD also offers a 10 pack for $9.99. This means you can play using the CBD honey sticks before you make a an investment.

If you’re just thinking of buying an ounce of honey that has been infused using CBD, American Shaman also offers you the option. For $29.95 you’ll get 120mg of full spectrum CBD in a 2-ounce bottle. It’s a good choice but it’s costly than the other brands. You can save money on this honey with this American Shaman coupon code!

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