8 Simple Tips to Keep Peace in a Multi-pup Household!

Dog beagle Pulls strap toy sock and Tug-of-War Game in garden outdoors summer day fun

What happens after your new pup and in-house pup have accepted each other through a brief interaction and firm pawshake? You need to work out a plan to introduce your little puppy to their new home, as that is where they can spend the rest of their life under your shelter.

It would be best to make the whole affair peaceful by having a trusted friend or family member take your senior pup out on a stroll or anywhere else while you give a home tour to your new puppy. Allow your new furry family member their space while they discover your home.

However, have a watchful eye on your new pup’s exploratory activity. Being vigilant is essential to protect your pet just in time if they trip, fall, injure themselves, or have accidents indoors that can happen unexpectedly.

Consider purchasing dog insurance in NZ because as much as your fur babies need quality health care, you may need financial backup to manage such scenarios potentially. The best pet insurance offers comprehensive medical cover for your pet at reasonable costs.

Before buying a policy, learn and compare the benefits of various pet insurance plans. Meanwhile, we have some survival tips to help you and your two pups stay safe indoors.

  1. Throwing a party to welcome your little pupper can be fantastic but avoid hosting it until your new pup and resident pup get familiar with each other.
  2. Ensure your senior pup’s schedule remains the same, so they don’t feel left out. Spend time with each pup separately to reassure them time and again. One-on-one interaction can boost your puppy’s morale and helps build sustaining bonds between both.
  3. If you notice tension brewing between your pups (stern stare, low growls, body blocks), separate them, divert their attention with treats or toys, and don’t allow them to interact until they have calmed down or appeared more positive and ready to engage.
  4. Have two sets of pet essentials, so your pups don’t find a reason to tussle. Also, you can consider having dog gates to keep them apart while having meals. Allow them to socialize only after they have licked the last drop off their food bowls.
  5. Your resident dog’s bed may be large enough, but it may be best to buy another comfy dog bed to accommodate your new pup so your puppies can relax in their zones.
  6. Provide your pets one toy at a time in the beginning, to check how the play unfolds. Slowly, you can give them more toys to help them socialize.
  7. Don’t ignore negative signs like puppies snapping at each other, guarding toys, blocking a toy by standing over it, etc. Give your fur babies a playtime break in such cases.
  8. Ensure your pups spend time in their private spaces in your absence. It is one solution to keep your furry family members safe.

As a pet parent, you may need to be more patient with your puppies’ antics until they become more cordial and affectionate towards each other. Just as happiness doubles, so do the number of risk factors when you have two pawsome companions at home.

Dog insurance NZ can be of much help to you in terms of providing excellent medical care to your fur babies. You can make significant financial savings on hefty vet bills in times of pet accidents, sickness, and health emergencies. Purchase the best pet insurance to cover your puppies adequately and possibly lower your economic stress during unexpected pet health scenarios.

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