Providence Place Mall, Providence, Rhode Island

The Providence Place Group bought the land for the mall at $11 million, and then transferred it to the Economic Development Corporation of the state for an additional $1. After the completion of the mall, the Providence Place Group leased the property back to the state. The Providence Place Group then sold some of its stores to local business and leased the remainder. These are just a few of the many factors you should consider when choosing a new mall. These tips should help you make an informed decision about whether to buy a property near Providence Place Mall.


The mall’s attractiveness is largely due to the new Boscov’s anchor store. The Providence Place mall has more than one million square feet and can house 140 restaurants and stores. The mall offers a variety of shopping options, including a food court, gaming areas, and a movie theatre. It has had a tremendous impact on Providence’s economy and has prompted the development of residential properties west of Route 95. Customers can also park in the mall’s over 4,000 spaces.

Recently, the mall owner leased office space to a non-profit that assists low-income families. A fundraiser was also held by the nonprofit to support local charities. Boscov’s, Macy’s are two other new tenants. It’s also important to mention that Providence Place is a prominent downtown destination. 


Providence Place has been a hotbed of crime and arrests since its opening in late 1990s. The mall was the scene of a small-scale crime wave earlier in the year. Ultimately, he deleted it.

Providence Place Mall, a shopping center in suburban Atlanta, is surrounded with acreage-sized parking lots. There are seven floors with retail, restaurants, kiosks, entertainment venues, and a variety of other amenities. You can browse the items and make purchases without needing to walk far. People looking for entertainment or a relaxing afternoon can enjoy the mall’s restaurants and entertainment venues. In 1999, the mall opened to the public.


The Quality of Providence Place Mall is rated positively by residents of Providence, with 61% rating it excellent. Only 17 percent gave the mall a poor or fair rating and 22 percent did not have an opinion. It has been open for just over a year and the public’s reaction indicates its future. There are 140 quality restaurants and retailers, plus a 16-screen IMAX theatre. The mall also has a hotel attached.

Recent polling shows that public opinion is not as enthusiastic about the mall’s potential to revitalize Providence and increase the state’s economy. 41% of respondents indicated that they have visited the mall at most once in the last six months. Many respondents acknowledged that the mall has a variety of shopping and entertainment options for people of all income levels, despite the lackluster enthusiasm.

Tax incentives

The design of the mall was done by the state. The mall is located in the statutory Capital Center District. This district has a capital centre commission, which sets and enforces design criteria. This commission is applicable to both private and public projects. Over the years, the state granted Providence Place Mall $208 millions in tax incentives. The incentives were provided by the state for $135 million, and $136 million by the city. These tax incentives were designed to draw retail customers to the state.


The Providence Place Mall has fifteen levels. Three of the lowest are labeled C–A. Level C includes Street Level Restaurants as well as Parking-Only Stateside. A level D is also available in the Stateside garage. DSW shoes and Old Navy are featured on level B, along with Bed Bath & Beyond on the city side. Parking is the only use of Level A. The Providence Place Mall is located at the southern end Providence facing state offices buildings.

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