Bricktown Brewery, Owasso (Oklahoma)

You can find an Oompa Loompa in the basement of Bricktown Brewery. It is one of many local breweries which have seen rapid growth in recent years. There is a rotating selection of beers, special events and a monthly beer festival. Bricktown Brewery also has 12 locations in the city. You should visit all of them!

Root beer

Bricktown Brewery’s Root beer is a great choice if you are looking for a new beverage to try. There are many flavors available, including American root beer. It makes a great dessert. Bricktown Brewery also offers many other beverages, such as their root beer float and bread drink. They are very affordable and have been highly rated by Google users.

Although the company’s headquarters are located in Oklahoma City the brewery is actually based in Missouri. Both its founders hail from the midwest, and both grew up in Springfield. There are now 12 locations of the brewery in the Midwest, including one located in Tulsa (OKC) and another in Oklahoma City. The brewery is looking to expand to other states but has no immediate plans for higher-quality beers. Bricktown’s Root beer remains the only hard soda in Oklahoma.

Oompa Loopas are buried under the basement of the bricktown beer

Bricktown Brewery in Owasso (Oklahoma) opened its doors in November 1992. The brewery is situated in an old candy factory and is believed to be haunted at night by Oompa Loopas. Bricktown has been closed three times and reopened once more, but the ghosts are still there. Bricktown Brewery is a must-see on any Owasso trip.

Restaurants that serve beer

You are looking for something quick and tasty? Try a local brewery chain. These brick-walled restaurants offer American comfort food and beer. You have many options and the brick walls make it more comfortable. Continue reading to learn more. Here are some top restaurants in and around the area.

Bricktown Brewery currently has three locations in Springfield. Their delivery service allows you to enjoy one of their brews from your home without ever having to travel far. You can pick up and deliver the menus, or you can order them through Postmates. You can view the complete menu and find out which bricktown brewery restaurants deliver bricktown beer. Bricktown Brewery hopes you enjoy your meal! It will be a great experience!

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